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Fox Hunt

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The fox hunt is a small game to keep you busy while doing Pay4Visit offer.

A Fox
A Fox

The land owner has scattered some foxes around the parcel, often at places they particularly want you to look at. Your job there is to collect all of them!

How to hunt

A Fox Directions HUD

The HUD changes during the hunt.

When you arrive at the offer location, your HUD will tell you how many foxes there are left, and where to find the next one (direction, height and distance in meters).

Once you find your next fox, get within reasonable distance and touch it. (It will not disappear or anything, though). It will register with your HUD, and the next one will be displayed.

After you find all foxes, the offer can be completed. There usually is no time limit to find the foxes. Take your time!

Note. Don`t forget that you must move and press from time to time the red button on Earn2Life.com HUD if there still time of offer itself is ticking.


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