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Pay4Observe is an in-world job offered by E2L. Working as Business Observer you earn Linden Dollars by visiting SL business locations and writing reviews about these businesses.



Your payment depends on your review's size and number of screenshots and varies from L$20 per review and higher (login to your account to get exact payment amounts).

You can get paid twice per every review: the first payment after editor approves your text, the second one after business owner approves it. Thus, we guarantee that you get paid for suitable text, even if business owner rejects it. The second payment is based on business owner approval, which can vary depending on the size of the review as well and or any screenshots that have been included in the review submitted.

Note: Please note that to be paid for screen shots you have to follow the screenshot requirements to receive payment. Also note that payment time is based on Earn2life account level. There is a limited amount of reviews that can be done within a 24 hour period.

Observing business step by step

  1. Choose the business you like and teleport.
  2. Make sure that business exists (if it does not exists, click the "Business not exists" link)
  3. Write a review. Attach your screenshots.
  4. Wait until E2L editor approves your text. After that you get your "guaranteed" payment.
  5. Wait until business approves your text. After that you get your "approval" payment.

Text requirements

  • We accept texts in English only (sorry, the project is just launched!).
  • Text has to be grammatically correct (use a spell checker).
  • The text has to be written by you.
  • The minimal text length is 300 characters.
  • See this page for more

Image requirements

  • The image should be taken at business location
  • Image should demonstrate something interesting for business visitors (nice item, good view, location overview).

Be positive! Remember that business owner would like to get business advantages highlighted. Criticism or negative review probably won't get approved.

How to start?

To start observing SL businesses, login to your E2L account and click "Observer job" menu.


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