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Earn2Life.com members can also earn money (when they've reached the Silver account level) by helping other residents working with E2L.

The Earn2Life.com Support Desk is located in the E2L in-world office. Members earn money by sitting at the Support Desk and replying to other residents' questions and queries.

E2L Support Desk view

You can be helpful to other residents and earn Lindens. It's fun too!


Earn2life presently pays L$2 every 15 minutes that a member sits at the Support Desk.

Get more apprentices

You may give out your apprentice link to help newcomers join Earn2Life.com. This is the place most new people come to for information about making money with E2L and it can be very busy with interested applicants.


To work at the Support Desk:

  1. You must be an Earn2Life.com member
  2. Your account level should be "Silver"or higher
  3. You may not change your character status to "Away" or "Busy"
  4. You should familiarize yourself with the contents of the E2L wiki and webpage, especially those parts dealing with Payments and the use of the HUD

Support Desk requirements (please replace with recent screenshot!)

Need Help? Touch Here!

If someone requires immediate assistance they may click the yellow "Need help?" sign located in front of every Support Desk chair. This sends a notice to the support person and gives them a specific amount of time (15 seconds) before kicking them out of the chair for being unresponsive, so pay attention!

Support Desk Etiquette

Due to the nature of the Support Desk job it is vital that you be of a friendly nature and courteous to residents and visitors seeking your assistance. Providing valuable and reliable help to all members promptly and maintaining an optimistic attitude will win you the respect of your peers and a good reputation with the boss. Being rude, indifferent or uninformed may result in you being banned from using the Support Desk chair. Probably the most important trait is just to remain active! Look around the office occasionally; ask in the local chat if anyone needs help; if you see someone new, call them by their name and let them know you are here to help.

If you just need to earn Lindens and do not want to help your peers, these chairs are not for you, since you are supposed to be helping other people browsing around the office. Your goal is not to camp on camping chairs; it is to provide assistance to other residents. Even if you disable the Away feature, people will check in on you, and will ultimately kick you from the chair if you are found to be Away. This is a privilege and not a right, so do not abuse the system.

As the Support Desk is a great spot to acquire new Apprentices it is quite popular and frequented by up and coming Masters, so it is also a great place to meet successful E2L members and learn their strategies for earning.

How to locate

Teleport to Earn2Life.com in-world office by using the link below: teleport to Support desk


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